El Segundo down by the beaches or general LA, CA

July 22, 2006

I have been promoted up to 7th Dan and like training in the Principles of the Bujinkan, as Taught and Practiced by Masaaki Hatsumi and Toshiro Nagato. Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu is a martial way for training the body to more with and without encumberance and impliment. Included in the skills gleaned from a millenia of different experience and invention are ways to keep oneself safe from harm under normal and extraordinary circumstances.

Classes are available on an “at need” basis. The instructor is interested in training effective martial artists and is available after discussion with any party willing to commit to a time and place. Beginners are welcome. But since there are no regular classes, you come to train, or you don’t come at all.

mail eric: mrmonkey27@hotmail.com

Eric lives and works in the El Segundo Area.

Below are links to the Bujinkan Headquarters in Japan, and the foremost Bujinkan resource website and instructor in America.

Bujinkan.com http://www.bujinkan.com/

Warrior Information Network http://www.winjutsu.com/

Bujinkan Buyu Dojo USA http://www.livingvalues.com

Here are three other Teachers in the General Area to see and learn from

David in Torrance http://www.taijutsu.com/

Andy in Sherman Oaks http://www.bujinkanlosangeles.net/

Tim in North Hollywood http://www.muzosa-la.com/


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